Thank You For Supporting Us In our Mission!

Dear friends and family
Over the last four years since leaving Switzerland we have seen God provide miraculously for us for each trip that we have done. In 2009 Aleck went to Colombia to help start the School of Design there; in 2010 we went to England for six months to finish my (Donna’s) journalism degree with the UofN; in 2011 we went to Nigeria for five months to pioneer the schools of Design and Digital Communication and this year we went to Thailand and India for six months to help run an Advanced Principles in Communication school and pioneer the school of Design there for the first time. (For more information on these trips please visit our blog and browse around!
Every year has brought logistical, financial and/or visa challenges that have stretched our faith and given us some sleepless nights. Each year we have had to trust for bigger and bigger breakthroughs and to meet increasing financial challenges in order to accomplish what He has given us to do; and yet in spite of the bigger challenges, each time we have seen God come through in amazing ways. This next year, with our trip to Brazil and the USA, poses our biggest challenge yet.
We have decided to break up what was going to be one trip into two… one to Brazil and then one to Portland, Oregon.
In the next three months we need to see the following come in:

*Flights from Dublin to Sao Paulo, Brazil (on or around the 1st of February 2013): US$4000 or £2500
*Monthly living costs as a family in Brazil (3 months), 2 adults and 2 children: US$3400 or  £2160 (we have raised US$2400 or £1500 of this already)
In the next six to seven months, we need to see the following come in:
*Flights from Dublin to Portland, Oregon, USA (on or around the 15th of May 2013): US$3200 or  £2000
*Monthly living costs as a family in Oregon (3 months),  2 adults and 2 children: US$3500 or  £2200 (we have raised US$2400 or £1500 of this already)

* Home schooling curriculums for Mya and Micah – $1440 or £910 (if we buy it in the USA, there is free shipping within the continent and we will reduce the overall cost.)

We know that some people prefer to give monthly while others prefer to give to a specific larger project. Here are some ways in which you could support us and be a part of demonstrating God’s faithfulness and blessing to the people of Brazil and the USA.- you can contribute one off gifts specifically to flights, living costs for the time we are in Brazil and/or USA or to the kids school curriculum which we will order while in America.
– you can support us on a monthly basis – £10 can go a long way to cover admin or other costs
– you can support us quarterly or just for the time we are abroad
Supporting us is easy, just click the “donate” button on this site!
Please pray about supporting us in these many endeavours. Thank you for being interested in us and what we are doing all over the world. If you would like more information or photos, please feel free to ask or visit us here at www.aleckcartwright.comWe could not be on the field as Missionaries without your support – your friendship, prayer and financial commitment. Your encouragement and belief in us enables us to do what seems like risky, crazy things but ultimately brings glory to God and fulfils His purposes for the nations we go to.  You are a part of that – a vital part, and it is a privilege to share this journey with you.
Aleck & Donna-Rae Cartwright