As a family we work all over the world as missionaries offering Design, Photo and Communications Training as a Community Development Strategy. Educating people in the third world in Graphic Design, Photography and Effective Communication as a tool for change in their lives and their societies. We work mostly training missionaries in the field, but often train those who need skills too as well as NGO’s and Church workers.

We are Zimbabwean, born in Africa but have worked cross-culturally our whole careers in diverse nations all around the world. Madagascar, India, Uganda, N.Ireland, Scotland, England, America, Colombia, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe and more. We often live and work on projects for months at a time in the third world, we travel together as a family on lengthy projects.

We raise all of our support, just like the Old Testament Priests, so we are dependant on the Community and body of Christ. We have been doing this for almost two decades and God has never failed to provide. But, of course, you can help too if God prompts you to do so! Even tiny amounts cover smaller expenses, and it all adds up to God providing! Please consider tithing to our ministry, giving monthly or helping with air tickets or monthly expenses. We will keep you informed on what we are doing and how you can help with bigger projects too.

There are 5 ways you can support our ongoing Missions work. We have projects all over the world. To champion our work you can:

1. Promote us and our projects to your friends, family, colleagues and church.

2. Pray for us as a family, we have two small kids who we homeschool as we develop projects all over the world

3. Provide financially for our projects. We need your ongoing support as our work is sponsored by those who see the blessing of our lives through our projects. We travel extensively partnering with missionaries and local communities on every continent to bless and train others with tangible life skills that enable them to serve others. All of our work is non-profit and made possible through people who trust and believe in us. The best way to give to larger projects.

4. Give to us on a monthly basis. You can do this through paypal on a monthly basis through aleckcartwright.com to provide for our family budget, clothing, rent and expenses. We do not earn a salary, but raise all of our living costs.

5. Subscribe to our newsletters from aleckcartwright.com. Either way you will be updated on our work.

We work with YWAM. Youth With A Mission is a truly international movement. We have over 1000 operating locations in just over 180 nations, and new teams are constantly being pioneered. Our centers reflect the culture they are in, but they often have a multi-cultural staff.

We also work primarily in YWAM’s International University, University of the Nations. Donna-Rae is an academic Advisor for the College of Communication, one of seven different colleges in the Missions University. Donna also is Degree Student Administrator, which entails checking credits and issuing diplomas and helping missionaries completing degrees from all colleges.

Aleck is representative for the College of Communication and helps to serve Communication Schools worldwide.

Over the years we have had supporters from many walks of life, some people give just US$10 a month, others give one off gifts of hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can contribute as you feel led.

Our goal is to serve with what we have, so please consider giving to make each project effective and successful and join us in our vision.