An Unconventional Life!

We spend part of our year in the UK and the other half or so working on projects all over the third world. We travel as a family together and have a lot of fun doing school, changing countries and meeting wonderful people in every region of the world.

For short trips, we can manage and have only ever done a month apart, like earlier this year when Donna and our kids were waiting for visas and Aleck was in Thailand. But any longer than that and we travel together as a family (all 4 of us). This means that we have had to tune our traveling to a fine art. Our on the field projects can take 3 months or more.

I could teach weekly all over the world, but choose instead to invest myself in longer term projects that are much more intensive and duplicate myself better on the ground in spending and investing in local leaders who can really make a difference in their community.

Last year we spent 5 months in Nigeria… This year we spent 3 months in Thailand and 3 months in India. We tackle our work wherever we are and are able to do most of it remotely, including Skype meetings and email based solutions. Our children learn through home schooling and love meeting and making friends with other kids all over the world, also, much of their learning is tailored for where we are presently. Learning about religions, customs and African history as we experience it, or about India, riding elephants or rikshaws. It is not all easy and requires sacrifice, but we feel called to it and are passionate about changing lives practically. We would rather be a part of the solution than be distant and helpless or intimidated.

We have had to embrace quite a bit of technology and are able to fluently (most of the time) administrate and navigate visa applications etc. Every year, we are pushed to raise our media mission costs. Our work is as much about faith as it is about skills, but the rewards of serving are such a reward.

We live a simple lifestyle but it is abundant! Please join with us though the site and check bak often. Next year we will be in Brazil to start A School of Design there, after that we will most likely be in the USA.

We are originally from Zimbabwe, but have lived in many places including South Africa, Scotland, England, N.Ireland and Switzerland. Please stay tuned for more…