Aleck and Donna-Rae Cartwright work as Media Missionaries. Their work is International in focus. They have lived and worked in many nations around the world including England, South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Scotland, India, Nepal, America, Brazil, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda and many more. They work with an International charity and Christian Missions Agency called Youth With A Mission.

Aleck is the International Dean for the College of Communication, University of the Nations, he is also a Graphic Designer, author, lecturer and photographer. He oversees all Communication Schools worldwide  as a means of Community Development and Skills Training. Working half of his time in the first world he resources the third world with training that is low cost and easy access to aid in development and providing opportunities in places where there are few. Training is offered in a variety of topics. He is passionate about making his Christian faith practical.

Donna-Rae is Academic Advisor for the College of Communication and Degree Student Administrator for the University of the Nations. She is an academic advisor for the international degree students that are in the College of Communications. Together they make a team that is dynamic and skilled in the area of communications, administration and training. Together they have over 33 years of experience working cross-culturally into every continent. They were both born in Zimbabwe, but met in England. Their aim is to create a bridge of resources between first and third world. This bridge goes both ways, and connects across a technological divide.

They travel together on longer projects into the third world, but teach worldwide and have worked in many nations. The remainder of their time is spent in Nothern Ireland where they return when not involved in overseas projects. We are looking for more sponsors of our work. If you are interested, please drop us an email. Aleck and Donna-Rae are both African. Mya was born in Scotland, Micah in Northern Ireland. If you would like to know more about where we are from you can read more about Zimbabwe here. You can see the full archives of our news here… You can also subscribe for future updates too!